Tribe is a paintball team which grew out of the L41 teen organization. Presently we compete in the five man FSHL and PET series tournaments. You may click the Roster link if you are interested in knowing who proudly calls themselves a member of Tribe.
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L41 is a non-profit organization which works with, and focuses on, the teens in our local community. L41 provides instruction in the areas of academics/life skills, music, and media editing (who do you think made this site). One of the more popular activities has been their regular paintball outings. It does not matter whether a teen can afford it or not, everyone in L41 gets a chance to play. It was from these outings that Tribe was formed (i.e. we bugged Mr. Tucker until he helped put together a team). L41's headquarters is located in Southern Ontario (Woodstock to be exact). If you want more information about L41 or Tribe feel free to contact us.
Good question, thanks for asking. Well, L41 and Tribe have been very fortunate to have good and generous people involved with the program. With the support of well wishers and sponsors Tribe has been able to consistently field a team in various local tournaments. In addition, due to the generosity of many of the field owners, Tribe has been able to use their rental equipment for tournaments at no cost. The members of Tribe would like to thank all their sponsors for their continuous help. We really appreciate it. Please hit our sponsor link and check out who is helping us. Be sure to tell them Tribe sent you. If you, or anyone else you know, would like to become a sponsor please contact us. We would be more than happy to share with you some of the benefits of being a Tribe sponsor.