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At L41, we are all fascinated by the newest technology. And so its no surprise that we have made our own library of videos. So we thought we would put some up on the world-wide web. There are some ministry videos that are used in lessons, commercials promoting L41, and then there are the just plain funny videos. There's not a lot of videos in our archive right now... but be patient, more are on their way, Enjoy!
The videos here are incorporated in Mr. Tucker's messages and while they may have humor in them, they have an underlying truth and convey a powerful message.
To sum it up, these videos are promotionals for L41... they're meant to act as advertisements for upcoming events and such.
These are the videos we put together when we have a whack load of time on our hands and are given a camera. Be warned, some of these videos are bust-your-gut hilarious.