Welcome to the L41 band page. Currently the band has no official name other than "The Teen Band". We would hate to be called "The Teen Band forever", so if you have any good ideas for a name please contact us and let us know. In any case welcome to our page dedicated to music.

The band consists of L41 members and staff. At the beginning of each L41 class it is the bands job to lead the rest of the group in praise and worship. Occasionally the band is asked to lead praise and worship for one of Life Church's main services. In addition to the musicians and singers, we train L41 members to work the sound board and recording equipment. In the future we hope to see some of the teens write and produce their own music. It is also our hope that we will develop "offshoot bands" representing the varied styles and tastes of music which appeals to different audiences. Do not be surprised to see us producing our own CD in the not too distant future.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the L41 band.

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