So it's 2008! It’s the start of a new year and a new paintball season. L41 Tribe just finished playing in their first tournament of the season. And the score cards are in and we won more games this tournament then we did all last year! That's right... L41 won three matches out of the eight which is a huge leap after getting no wins at all for the majority of last season. Our skills, awareness, confidence, and agility have all gone up drastically since last year and it has given us positive results. We played in the FHL this past Sunday, January 13th. Out of 12 teams all together L41 Tribe placed 9th! It may seem like peanuts to most, but to any true Tribe fan this is a HUGE leap in the right direction, and we're only going to get better. Be prepared for an exciting season!

Other sweet news is that we just picked up a new sponsor to back up the Tribe. Ghetto Garb heard our cause and was enthusiastic about backing us up full force. They're even giving us headbands with our logo on it for free to show their commitment. Thanks goes out to our new sponsor, Ghetto Garb! In addition to our current sponsors, Tribe is looking for marker and equipment sponsors. If you know of any individual or company who may be interested in partnering with us please point them in our direction. We could always use the help. We hold fast to the dream.

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